Hello world!

Hello world! How do you do?

I am Saoirse and am very glad to have this blog, with the purpose of learning Korean.

I have studied Korean language in Korea before and am still studying Korean language on my own after I left Seoul.

The only reason why I study Korean language is because I found Hangeul, very cute! Hahaha… I know it is a very weird but it is the only reason why I learnt Korean. Please do not ask me anything about Korean pop bands! I have no idea who is who. I cannot distinguish Yoona from Yuri in SNSD and others… :p

Feel free to give any comments as it will definitely help me improve my Korean language!

Thanks and have a nice day! 🙂


About nunasaoirse

I have been learning Korean language for more than 8 years in either Singapore or Korea. Writing this blog helps me to refresh my knowledge. I am still revising Korean language every now and then but not actively. This blog consisted of the gist of the several Korean textbooks that I am using and you may find some examples "de-ja-vu".
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