Korean numbers

There are 2 numbering systems in Korean and one of them is Korean numbers.

Korean numbers are mostly used for counting and a counter is usually attached to the Korean numbers.

Korean numbers

1 하나

2 둘

3 셋

4 넷

5 다섯

6 여섯

7 일곱

8 여덟

9 아홉

10 열

11 열 하나

12 열 둘

13 열 셋

14 열 넷

15 열 다섯

16 열 여섯

17 열 일곱

18 열 여덟

19 열 아홉

20 스물

30 서른

40 마흔

50 쉰

60 예순

70 일흔

80 여든

90 아흔

Ex) Qns: 몇 명 있어요? (How many people are there?)

Ans: 다섯 명 있어요. (There are 5 people.)



Please take note that the following Korean numbers change their forms when used with counters:

하나 -> 한 개

둘 -> 두 개

셋 -> 세 개

넷 -> 네 개


About nunasaoirse

I have been learning Korean language for more than 8 years in either Singapore or Korea. Writing this blog helps me to refresh my knowledge. I am still revising Korean language every now and then but not actively. This blog consisted of the gist of the several Korean textbooks that I am using and you may find some examples "de-ja-vu".
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