Sino-Korean numbers

There are 2 numbering systems in Korean and the other one is the Sino-Korean numbers.

Sino-Korean numbers are used for reading the numerals.

Sino-Korean numbers

0 영

1 일

2 이

3 삼

4 사

5 오

6 육

7 칠

8 팔

9 구

10 십

11 십 일

12 십 이

20 이십

30 삼십

40 사십

50 오십

60 욕십

70 칠십

80 팔십

90 구십

100 백

1,000 천

10,000 만

100,000 십만

1,000,000 백만

Sino-Korean numbers can be used to express price, telephone or bus numbers and dates.




Ex 1) 이 가방이 20,000원이에요. (This bag costs 20,000won)

When we pronounce, it goes like this => 이 가방이 이만 원이에요.

{‘이’ means ‘this’}

{‘가방’ means bag}

Ex 2) 이 가방이 10,000원이에요. (This bag costs 10,000won)

When we pronounce, it goes like this => 이 가방이 만 원이에요.



There are some exception cases when we pronounce the months of June and October.

January: 1월 (일월)

February: 2월 (이월)

March: 3월 (삼월)

April: 4월 (사월)

May: 5월 (오월)

June: 6월 (유월)

July: 7월 (칠월)

August: 8월 (팔월)

September: 9월 (구월)

October: 10월 (시월)

November: 11월 (십일월)

December: 12월 (십이월)


1) When the Sino-Korean numbers are 100, 1000, 10000 etc, we will not pronounce the ‘일’.

Ex 1) 1,200원 => 천 이백원

Ex 2) 10,110원 => 만 백십원

2) The word for zero is ‘영’. However, when saying a telephone number, another word, ‘공’ is used for zero.

Ex) Telephone number: 02-225-2225

When we pronounce, it goes like this => 공이 에 이이오 에 이이이오.

{‘0’ => ‘공’}

{‘-‘ => ‘에’, we will pronounce ‘-‘ as ‘에’ in phone numbers}


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I have been learning Korean language for more than 8 years in either Singapore or Korea. Writing this blog helps me to refresh my knowledge. I am still revising Korean language every now and then but not actively. This blog consisted of the gist of the several Korean textbooks that I am using and you may find some examples "de-ja-vu".
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